Submit your book for review

I will be happy to read and review your book – when submitting please follow these guidelines:

1. I will review most genres except poetry, fantasy, romance, erotica, young adults, religious and non-fiction. My favorites are historical fiction, subtle horror (not gore-fests), adventures – in general, I enjoy good stories with a tight narration.

(**Update: My 11-year old is more than happy to review children’s books – ideally, the book should be suitable for 12-14 year olds**)

2. Depending on a number of factors, it will take me between 8-12 weeks to post the review.

3. I will publish an honest review of your work on my blog and send it to you. If you are agreeable, I will publish it on: Amazon, Goodreads or any other public site you want me to post it at.

You can submit your book for review using one of the following methods:

(i) You can submit a request to me via by clicking on this link:

**Be sure to fill out all the sections**. Particularly, the “Bio” section. Also, be sure to include the page count in the Description section.


(ii) Send me  a 1-page outline of your story along with the page count of the book and a brief bio about the author (links to Amazon author page ; author’s website or blog would also be super helpful) to Basically, the more I know about you and your book, the easier it will be for me to decide.

I will respond to every request and will let you know if I am willing to review your work or not.

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