Review of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

By Medha Murti


Inheritance is the fourth and final book of the Inheritance cycle. In this gripping story, the final battle takes place between the Empire and The Varden. Eragon and Saphira have been training hard for this showdown. Battle after battle, where each one is a step towards Uru’baen.. Roran Stronghammer continues to capture cities, even when the odds are piled high against him and his army. His imagination, sense and determination to protect Katrina drive him to his limits. Nasuada proves herself to be a person determined to lead and help the Varden, even when she has to undergo torture no one else has endured without giving up completely. In this book, we are flown into Eragon and Saphira’s minds as they discover the mysteries on Vroengard and the depth of Solembum’s advice, advice that the werecat did not know he had given. The Vault of souls could be Varden’s last hope to destroy Galbatorix. The humans, dwarves, werecats, Urgals, elves, riders and dragons come together for this epic battle against the empire.

Inheritance will keep you hooked in such a way that you will want to read it everywhere you go. But beware, you’ll be extremely sad that the book is over because it is amazing and addictive in a way no other book is.

Overall Rating: fourandhalf