Pre-release review of Where Death is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey

Releasing Feb 2015 (I received a complimentary copy of the ebook from the author and what follows is an honest review)

The protagonist, unusually, is an anesthesiologist. And the story begins with a patient, the wife of another doctor in the same hospital, dying on the operation table before the first incision is made. Perfectly healthy woman in for a routine cosmetic surgery – perfectly healthy one minute and dead the next instant. Intrigued? You should be. “Where Death is a Hunter” is a superlative medical thriller that will keep you up all night because you just have to, have to know what happened to Debora Thein (the patient who dies).

The book is a first-person narrative by Dr.Hannah Fatier, our thirty-two year old protagonist. The death in the operating room is blamed on Hannah and there is irrefutable evidence to prove the mistake she committed. Forced to resign from her job, Hannah seeks comfort in her friend and ex-fiance who is a cardiologist. And just when she is picking up the pieces of her life and finds nirvana working at a clinic for the poor, comes the second blow – she gets sued for medical malpractice by the husband of the patient that she allegedly killed. The lawyer assigned to work her case promises to help her settle the case, until they find out something about the patient’s death is very amiss. Will Hannah be exonerated from the wrongful death of the patient? Was it really a mistake in the operating room or something far more sinister than that? The truth is unraveled in the rest of the story and ends brilliantly.

The author is a doctor himself and it shows in the details that have gone into the story. But at the same time, it is not stuffed with too much medical jargon to confuse the reader – it has just enough technical details to make the whole thing very real. I enjoyed reading this cleverly written thriller and am certain it will create ripples when it releases.

Who should read it: Anyone who enjoys a taut thriller – even if you are not overly fond of medical thrillers, you will enjoy this one thoroughly.

What it is not: No cliched cadaver-in-the-morgue scares or such in this one – it stays quite credible from cover to cover.

Overall rating: 5stars

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