Review of Disconnect by Alistair Haddow

“We can’t live our life through a screen”

Disconnect is a quirky short story about a college .Disconnectstudent who romanticizes the idea of running out into the free world with the girl he loves. The author has tried to bring out an underlying theme of this generation’s addiction to electronic gadgets and so-called social media. Will, the protagonist and the narrator (the story is a first-person narration) feels bound and suffocated by the amount of time people spend on these tethers. He is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend, Nadia.

Will finally snaps when he and Nadia sit down to watch a movie and end up spending the entire time fixated on their electronic gadgets. He plans a break from everything including school and bounds out the door. He finds Nadia and pleads with her to leave with him. More of a realist, Nadia is reluctant but after some persuasion she relents and the two of them head out into the South African wilderness. They drive without a destination in mind – something that I am sure many people feel like doing in this madness that is the twenty-first century. They find a small Bed and Breakfast and enjoy the free-spirited adventure. But, how long can they keep that up? Doesn’t everyone eventually need money? Funny twist to the ending.

Who should read it: While it might appeal to young-adults and teens, it is a light enough read for anyone.

What it is not: Not your typical short story.

Overall rating: 3stars

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