Review of Cry of the soul by Narendra Simone (Reviewed for

cryofthesoulCry of the soul is a quick and fun read that gives you a glimpse of the politician-poacher nexus and the horrendous corruption that plagues Africa. It gives a fleeting glimpse of the strange contrast of wild beauty and meaningless cruelty and conflict that defines the continent. The book does have some bit of a “whodunit” mystery to it in a very James-Hadley-Chase-esque kind of a way.
The story is about a CIA agent who is brutally murdered in the jungles of Africa and an FBI agent who sets out to find the killer. The book is a bit short on details, so all you get is a bird’s-eye-view of the great continent and its alluring jungles. Matt, the protagonist, plots to hunt down a notorious poacher who is the main suspect for the CIA agent’s slaying. Will he be able to bring down the poacher who is aided by powerful forces or is there a twist in the tale?

Who should read it: Anyone Looking for a quick and light read – perhaps on a short-haul flight?

What it is not: While a quick read can be fun, avid readers like the details.  Cry of the soul flies a bit on the surface and doesn’t go too deep into any aspects of the story, making it in some ways too simplistic for the sophisticated reader.  Also, while the author has done great research on Africa and its geo-political landscape – I am not sure the hero and his background is very convincing. For instance, since when do FBI agents carry out operations on foreign soil?

Overall rating: twonhalfstars

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